4 Dangers of Improper Refuse Disposal

Refuse disposal is a major aspect of a cleaning task if dirt and wastes are not promptly disposed of the purpose for which cleaning is done would be futile. Another thing with this is that one could get infected by a related health or disease conditions. Recall in the year 2018, Lagos State who boasts as the economic hub of Nigeria had a refuse disposal crisis, at that time there were piles of unpacked refuse on major roads, it was one that threatened the once beautiful Lagos streets and roads which had the time was the toast of neighbouring states in Nigeria.

4 Dangers of Improper Refuse Disposal

  1. Pest infestation

Rats and Mosquito are the most common of pest in homes and offices, and this is caused improper disposal of waste, the more waste you have the more that chances of having rats loitering around, especially around sewage areas which is a natural habitat – this is not always a good sight to behold, no one like to boost of having rats as pets.

Cockroaches and flies are another annoying crawling pest you don’t want to have around your home or office. All these could all be avoided by proper cleaning and disposal of the dirt.

Mosquitoes, for instance, causes Malaria in human being and rat are also carriers of the Lassa fever, which as at the time of writing this article doesn’t have a vaccine.

  1. Water contamination

Hazardous wastes in the environment leech into the ground, and ultimately, into groundwater.

This usually cases with areas located close to dumpsites. As we always say in local parlance, ‘water no get enemy, meaning water is important for life.

It is used for many things, from watering the backyard farm and garden to drinking. Toxic liquid chemicals from waste can also seep into water streams and bodies of water.

Untreated sewage can also threaten marine life that comes into contact with the contaminated water. It can destroy and suffocate marine habitats, such as corals. Contaminated water is also dangerous and harmful to humans who consume fish and other marine life.

The Niger delta creeks are a typical testament to this point, where many fishermen in this area have been affected by oil spillages.

  1. Air pollution

Fresh air is good for the body, but when the air is polluted due to smell of rot from kitchen waste, smoke and smell from hazardous chemicals, such as bleach and acids, the body won’t get what it needs.

Some people are allergic to smoke and certain smells. So what happens if visitors to office or home start perceive the offensive odour hosing from your waste bin. That is a bad impression, right?

The solution to these is to ensure that you clean immediately there is a spill. As much as possible keep everywhere dry to avoid a build-up of germs and bacteria, all these if not properly done will devoid your home and office smelling fresh as clean. With this approach, you won’t need to spend so much on air fresher.

  1. Adversely affect the businesses

Everyone wants to stay and live in a healthy, clean, fresh, and sanitary place. No one in his or her right sense will covert dirts. In the same light, businesses like eatery, food factory, pharmaceutical companies, schools, amongst others will all struggle to reach their monthly sales target, just because their premises are looking all messy.

Asides from good customer care services, the cleanliness within a business or home tells a lot about the character of the owners or manager of the business premises.

A business environment with poor waste management will certainly not attract customers. For commercial cleaning services you should contact us at Kleenrite Limited, we are Nigeria’s leading industrial and with our staffs deployed to a handful of Nigeria commercial banks. We clean above others.

Final words

Having expressed our thoughts on the proper disposal of waste, we urge you to take heed to the guidelines highlighted. Please stay safe, stay at home if you are feeling ill or showing any symptoms of the COVID-`19.

Contact us today to schedule a free cleaning assessment of your home or workplace.

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