5 Industrial Cleaning Tips for a Productive Facility

The factory or warehouse are activity hubs, all activities are part of a production process. From product packaging, manufacturing processes, to storage and distribution. Neatness is one of the criteria used to check the quality of a product.

Working in an all messy facility can be risky, workers are prone to workplace accidents, and it is literary puts the safety of the staff to question. We recently surveyed some factories in Lagos and Ogun State and concluded that factories that are operated under a clean environment have better production time and quality.

5 Industrial Cleaning Tips for a Productive Facility

We know how daunting industrial cleaning can be. In our over 30 years of experience in cleaning services, we have found better ways to get your facility looking clean and running smooth.

So, in this article, we share with you five tips on how to organize and cleaning your industrial facilities. Our quick guide to help you keep your industrial facility clean and running smoothly.

  1. Clear and Clean the Floor

Many of the reported workplace injuries are due to falls and slips caused by an oil spill, improper waste disposal and water, especially soapy water.

These workplace injuries affect staffs efficiency, some might require surgery and a long sick leaf which can affect production in your factory, especially if victims is a core member of the production team.

To avoid this setback, find a floor cleaning approach that works for your kind of facility and implement it to keep your floors clean and clear. To get the best cleaning approach, our team of professionals are available to proffer the one that fits your facility.

  1. Get Shelves to Manage Spaces

Shelves are important office equipment, they help to keep the space organized. Shelves also help to manage limited space and make cleaning a lot easier and faster.

They keep floors clear and help prevent trips and falls. In some facilities, a little extra floor space can make a big difference in making it easier to move equipment around.

  1. Get cleaning equipment and supplies

Having your facility stocked with cleaning equipment is an important step to having an always clean facility to work in.

Even with a cleaner employed at a facility, their responses might not be as immediate should there be a water spill, but if there are equipment like mobs and bucket within reach when you can quickly mop while waiting for the cleaner to come around. Other supplies are hand sanitizers, towels, air fresheners and disinfectants.

  1. Waste bin/baskets

Waste bins should also be placed at strategic places within the facility to prevent the indiscriminate dumping of office waste.

Indicate which types of materials are acceptable in the bins, and remember that materials like paper, wood, glass and metal are recyclable. It’s important for waste bins to be regularly emptied, to prevent air pollution.

  1. Develop a cleaning culture

Start by identifying different areas that require cleaning so that you can assign employees to different areas based on their roles.

It’s also a good idea to encourage staff to have a ‘clean as you go’ mentality to prevent dirt or waste from building up. Keep in mind that identified area may require monthly, weekly or daily cleaning.

Final words

Maintaining a clean facility can contribute to the efficiency of employees and increase the shelf life of equipment and pieces of machinery.

The aforementioned are should help you in creating a more productive working environment for employees.

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