5 Things That Makes A Good Professional Cleaning Service Company

5 Things That Makes A Good Professional Cleaning Service Company

Cleaning services are one that cuts across everything we do daily, we wake up to clean our homes, wash the dishes, tidy up our rooms, clear our office desk and workspace.

In reality, everyone is a cleaner, just that not everyone is a professional cleaner. A career in cleaning might not be most glamorous of all, but it’s one of the most important jobs of all.

Take an instance of doing a post construction cleaning; this task will be difficult and time-consuming if you are to do it all by yourself.

What this means is that you will have to get a reputable cleaning service company to help you do the cleaning while you focus on other things. It is expected that the company you are contracting for your cleaning have all the tools needed for the effective cleaning.

At Kleenrite, we offer general cleaning, fumigation, waste management, janitorial services, pest control, and deployment of cleaners to corporate entities and homes.

5 Things That Makes A Good Professional Cleaning Service Company

In this article, you will get to know the five qualities that make us a good professional cleaning service company.

  • REVIEWS: what do people say about them?

The reputation of a company in the cleaning industry matters a lot, as a matter of fact, it’s the first thing you should find out while outsourcing for a cleaner.

Technology has made reviews a lot easier to access; good professional cleaning service company is expected to have a level of visibility online. Websites, social media platform, Google search engine and other digital platforms are the best places to go to while looking out for reviews.

Reviews will help you to accurately predict if a company can give you the results you want. You will need all the information you can, so browse the photo gallery, and portfolio. You can take it a step further by contacting the companies past customers before committing into signing a contract.

Feel free to check the ‘client portfolio tab to view our clients and the services we delivered.

  • LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE: how long have they been in business?

In local parlance, we say ‘experience is the best teacher’, this saying applies to a good professional cleaning service company too. There is so much experience provides; you can’t buy experience.

Having the right equipment doesn’t mean the company have experienced people to handle the cleaning tools used?

Ensure that the cleaning service provider has personnel who have done the exact kind of cleaning you are getting them to do for you. Make sure that the owner and the people leading the cleaning process have done things like this before.

With a little over 28 years in the cleaning industry, it’s more than enough years of experience to handle any kind of cleaning service. You are sure of getting the best professional cleaning services in Nigeria when you contact us.

  • METICULOUS SERVICE: how thorough are they?

The hallmark of a good professional cleaning service company is when attention is put to every cleaning process. That kind of cleaning that makes you feel your home or office is newly built.

We take an instance of home cleaning; it is expected that a good professional cleaning service company ensure that their personnel know how to do a thorough job. Such as; cleaning under furniture, all corners and between shelves to make your home cleaner.

If this attention to detail is not a feature of your current cleaner, you may want to consider using a different company like us in the future.

  • PROFESSIONALISM: how do they conduct themselves?

A good professional cleaning service company is expected to have professionals as its personnel. Our staff are professionally kitted in their uniforms and they are expected to look clean and smart while on duty.

This provides an instant means of identification for all our staff and gives client peace of mind and a sense of security. Our cleaners respect your privacy; we are only interested in delivering quality cleaning service.

We have supervisors onsite who ensure that quality of service is not undermined and quality assured.

  • LEGALITY: are they law abiding?

If you need to do business with anyone, it’s essential that you verify whether the company in question have been duly registered and certified by the regulatory body.

The same goes for a good professional cleaning service company because, in the course of rendering the cleaning service, cleaners have access to your home or office.

We have heard of cases where criminals disguise as cleaners to rob innocent clients, so when contracting a cleaning company, ensure they are duly licensed.


We just shared 5 things that make a really good professional cleaning service company. We hope this tips will help you decide on whom to hire for your next cleaning needs.

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