5 Ways to Make Chores Interesting During Children’s Vacation

5 Ways to Make Chores Interesting During Children’s Vacation

Children are lovely to have around, their smiles are priceless, their cries arouse our emotions, and they have no fear and believe anything is achievable regardless of what’s around them.

For several parents, kids are a good nightmare, despite how disorganized they can be. It pure joy for a parent to see their kid happy and play in a safe environment. Now that the holidays are here, kids are going to spend more hours in the house.

How prepared are you to experience a vacation with your kids; just before you decide on sending your children to their grandparents or relatives, we have some house cleaning exercise to keep your kids busy and productive.

The good book advises training kids the way they should go so that they will not depart from what they have learnt from you. Here at Kleenrite, we support the introduction to cleaning at an early age, kids should know how to tidy their rooms. So, how about we showing you some vacations chores for your kids?

5 Ways to Make Chores Interesting During Children’s Vacation

We must warn that in assigning chores, you have to be realistic, but if you are a perfectionist your standard might not be met. But on the other hand, any help is worth something – right?  So here’s some advice we have learnt along the way.


  1. Give them Basic Instructions with a Time Limit

Most kids they don’t like hearing their parents or guardian saying ‘tidy up your room’ especially if they are about watching their favourite cartoon show on TV, the task seems to them as overpowering – they get confused wondering where they should start from?

Clear instruction like ‘Put all your toys away before 12noon’, or ‘Put your dirty cloth in the laundry basket’, will help more know what to do at a given time. This approach applies to teenagers – yet before long, one task day by day to clear a messy room will soon seem less difficult to handle.


  1. Choose the Right Chores for the Right Age

It is a known fact that children can be clumsy, they are don’t pay attention to details. In other to make cleaning interesting for them, choose the chores based on age, older kids can be more careful. You will be shooting yourself in the foot if you assign chores beyond their capability.

It is better to have your children start from the less complex task, then train them up to do more complex tasks. For instance, you can’t expect a 2-year-old kid to mop your floor clean, you will end up doing the mopping all over again!


  1. Show empathy and a lot of encouragement

Children like to take pride in what they do, so be kind enough to thank and encourage them, please don’t expect perfection, especially when they are doing the task for the first time.

Children can provoke you sometimes but don’t try to make cleaning or any other chores a punishment for an offence they had committed as they will get discouraged and you will never get a willing participant, they will do it grudgingly. The result of cleaning under the condition is not always desirable and this can piss you off too.


  1. Make Cleaning Fun

Well, we love cleaning, yet for kids, you can spice up the task with music and singing. A little bit of entertainment while doing the chores makes it fun, get the kids to sing along as they carry out the task you have assigned. By doing they will not get bored or tire out easily.

Be creative with your spice of entertainment bearing in mind the kind of task you have assigned, it not advisable to have your little one dancing on a slippery or wet floor, that is not safe! Safety first is the number one rule here. So you need to think about the safest way to make cleaning fun for the kids.


  1. Prize

You can seldom attach a prize to some house chores. Yes, it good to verbally appreciate your children for their efforts but giving them something to show for their efforts can be a motivation for the next cleaning task.

Even though most of the chores will be done by the little ones, we advise that you also have a schedule, so that you can also supervise what they are doing, teens may require less supervision.


Action point

When you ask your kids to do the house chore, you are simply saying you trust them to do the house chore; once they can understand that you trust them, your children have more confidence they will feel more motivated to complete the weekly chores and be more independent, they will probably start suggesting new tasks they can take responsibility for like cleaning the furniture.

Remember you are developing an important skill in their lives, soon these little kids you see will leave for higher institutions where you will not be there to clean or look after them, but with this, you are teaching them how to look after themselves!

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