How We Work


As professionals, we recognize the fact that as clients and their properties vary so the quantum of cleaning and cleaning contents. In this regard, as an essential pre-requisite to the commencement of any retainership, we often take time to design a cleaning frequency that will contain the scope of cleaning required or suitable to each client.

For instance, depending on existing variables, we wash and disinfect toilets daily at half-hourly or hourly frequency in most of our client’s offices. Carpets are thoroughly deep-vacuumed daily (either early in the mornings before clients’ resumption or in the evenings during or after clients’ departure).

Our cleaning frequency ensures that everything around the properties we maintain are cleaned at the right time and intervals to the satisfaction and convenience of our clients.


Well being of our clients is top priority.

We will work with you to ensure that your facility is clean and orderly.

We are committed to using environmentally friendly products on you facility.

We provide a wide range of Regular or Specialised Cleaning Services to suit your needs.


As professionals, we recognize the sensitive nature of our services especially as we sometimes find ourselves, in the course of our job, in very high security places. We therefore go the extra miles in our precautionary measures to ensure that members of our team are responsible and trusted persons.

To guard against any lapses, we take such measures as:

  • Furnishing our clients with detailed particulars including names, passport photographs and all relevant addresses and contacts of every member of our team on posting to each client’s beat before commencement of the contract.
  • Making sure that clients are duly and promptly intimated of any additions or subtractions to the number of our operatives in their beat. We ensure that the particulars of any new operative to the team are forwarded to the client before the person reports at his/her beat. And when an operative is redeployed or pulled out of a beat of any other. We also promptly ensure that our clients in the affected beats are duly informed of such a development even before bringing it to the knowledge of our affected operative.
  • Each of our team, at every location, is headed by well-trained and tested supervisors or co-ordinating officers who have adequate training on how to monitor and control activities of all our staff in and around the beat under their control. Through this strict check, we easily identify and forestall any lousy or unacceptable behaviours on the part of our team.
  • To add strength to the system, we have senior executives that visit our locations from time to time, without notice, to oversee the performance of the location supervisors and take note of any development and work progress.
  • We insist that our staff remain in uniform, whether in or around the beat, throughout the working hours.