4 Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches for Good

Cockroaches are scavenging insects that resemble a beetle, having long antennae and legs and typically a broad, flattened body. There are popular household pests. They are common in the tropics, meaning they are common in Nigeria.

Cockroaches can be annoying, in recent research, we ask a cross-section of people from living in Lagos, they shared their funny and annoying experience with killing cockroaches, some had to the climb stool to reach a fleeing cockroach, other use broomsticks to chase them down, some recount spending so much money on insecticides all on a mission to get rid of cockroaches and other insects.

4 Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches for Good

According to the World Health Organization, cockroaches can carry harmful diseases such as dysentery, cholera, leprosy, and more. This fact simply means cockroaches are not good for us, shouldn’t be in our home and our offices.

So, how do we get rid of cockroaches then? This question, we will answer in this article.


  1. Limit food crumbs

Food leftovers should be trashed as soon as possible, and rid the dining of crumbs because cockroaches are attracted to crumbs from food waste, and pet droppings.

  1. Remove clutter from the exterior of your home.

Avoid stacking your homes with disposable items special outside your home, clutters give cockroaches spaces to hide and breed.

  1. Clean your gutters

Gutters should be clean, because cockroaches breed in wet and dark places, if not properly cleaned, it gives cockroaches an easy path into your homes. They can come in through pipes and these water outlets connect to the house, that is, your bathroom, kitchen and other places where pipes are installed.

  1. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed

It’s good to have trees and plant flowers for fresh air but poses a threat if allowed to overgrow. As mentioned in No.3 cockroaches thrive in dark and moist environments, by trimming the trees and shrubs you prevent better airflow and increase the sunlight, a condition which cockroaches don’t enjoy being under.

Final Words

Save yourself from the embarrassment of apologizing to your visitors because the crawling insect called cockroaches is enjoying a free roam in your home or office. This can be a thing of the past if you take to the bits of advice we have shared in this article.

Above all, maintaining a clean environment prevents you from getting exposed to disease-causing insects.

Talk to us using the comment box below, share your experiences in combating a ‘cockroach invasion’ in your home or workplace




5 Reasons Why Households Should Have a Cleaning Schedule

Have you ever had reason to quickly clean up your room because you have someone knocking at your door?

Have you hastily tidy your room become you hear your parent approaching your rooms? Or a group of friends call to inform you they are coming for a visit and your house look messed up and you only have 10 minutes to make your home look tidy and fresh. A tough assignment right?

At that point you start asking yourself whether your toilet is clean, you wonder whether your kitchen sink is not filled with dirty plates, you wonder if you should just hide them or wash them?

At some point in life, some of us have had a fair share of this kind of experience; a moment like this can easily get us tensed and all sweaty in the shortest possible time.

At Kleenrite, we care about your home looking clean and fresh, even though some might not see any wrong with having a cluttered home, but deep down your visitors cares. A dirty home will not smell nice, neither will it have clean air and inhabitant of such homes are prone to all kinds of disease-causing organisms. Your home should be ‘welcoming’.

5 Reasons Why Households Should Have a Cleaning Schedule

This article will show you how to avoid panic cleaning, in Kleenrite’s over 30 years of experience in the Nigerian cleaning industry we have found out that having a cleaning schedule is a solution to panic cleaning, this solution will save you time, money, energy and in the long run save you mental stress.

Firstly, create and design a cleaning schedule because it will do the following:

  1. Cleaning Schedule aids Orderliness

A cleaning schedule helps you to create a good system for cleaning tasks within the household. (Your cleaning schedule should be pasted somewhere all the members of the household can mark or check when they have completed their tasks for the day). Upon the completion of a task, the schedule table should be marked ‘done’ or ‘completed’, so that one person doesn’t have to redo what someone had done, however after cleaning there could be dirt where you had already cleaned, but in such case, most of the cleaning required will be minimal.

  1. Efficiency

With a cleaning schedule, tasks are planned, you know when and what to do at a particular time. If there is any special equipment and product for the tasks that you are planning to carry out, you will be able to make provisions before the day you need it.

Time management is very important, so you will not have to spend most of your day cleaning. We know you may have other engagements for the day.

  1. Cleaning schedule prevents procrastination

Procrastination is more or less time-wasting, we sometimes postpone cleaning tasks for no good reason, we sometimes feel there will be a next time to do something and end up not getting another convenient time to do those tasks.

The cleaning schedule helps you to prevent an unnecessary postponement of the cleaning you ought to do. If you have a smartphone you can go a step further by synchronizing your cleaning schedule with your google calendar, so that you can get prompt reminders.

  1. Cleaning schedule prevents idleness

Every member of the household becomes more responsible with the use of time if you have a cleaning schedule, it helps you to share responsibilities between the members of your household. You will be amazed at how efficient they will be if someone is giving a responsibility to clean a certain area of the house.

Some parents even go as far as grading the cleaning that was done by their children, it is an interesting strategy to keep every member of the household busy.

  1. Cleaning schedule prevents panic cleaning

Your home will rarely look unkempt if you have a cleaning schedule because you will always be on top of your cleaning tasks. While trying to clean under intense pressure you can end up damaging things in the house. Out of anxiety to get your kitchen or dining all set up for your guest you can accidentally get some of the glassware broken or even injure yourself.

It is not always advisable to do cleaning tasks when we are all tensed up, the result of such is not always something you would like. In the comment section, we like you to share your panic cleaning experience, let make this fun! We love to hear your story.

Final words

The beauty of a cleaning schedule is discipline, that is, your ability to design a cleaning schedule for your household and strictly follow it. We understand it might not be easy to keep up, desire for a clean and sparkling home, we do not doubt that this will soon become a routine for you.

5 Ways to Make Chores Interesting During Children’s Vacation

Children are lovely to have around, their smiles are priceless, their cries arouse our emotions, and they have no fear and believe anything is achievable regardless of what’s around them.

For several parents, kids are a good nightmare, despite how disorganized they can be. It pure joy for a parent to see their kid happy and play in a safe environment. Now that the holidays are here, kids are going to spend more hours in the house.

How prepared are you to experience a vacation with your kids; just before you decide on sending your children to their grandparents or relatives, we have some house cleaning exercise to keep your kids busy and productive.

The good book advises training kids the way they should go so that they will not depart from what they have learnt from you. Here at Kleenrite, we support the introduction to cleaning at an early age, kids should know how to tidy their rooms. So, how about we showing you some vacations chores for your kids?

5 Ways to Make Chores Interesting During Children’s Vacation

We must warn that in assigning chores, you have to be realistic, but if you are a perfectionist your standard might not be met. But on the other hand, any help is worth something – right?  So here’s some advice we have learnt along the way.


  1. Give them Basic Instructions with a Time Limit

Most kids they don’t like hearing their parents or guardian saying ‘tidy up your room’ especially if they are about watching their favourite cartoon show on TV, the task seems to them as overpowering – they get confused wondering where they should start from?

Clear instruction like ‘Put all your toys away before 12noon’, or ‘Put your dirty cloth in the laundry basket’, will help more know what to do at a given time. This approach applies to teenagers – yet before long, one task day by day to clear a messy room will soon seem less difficult to handle.


  1. Choose the Right Chores for the Right Age

It is a known fact that children can be clumsy, they are don’t pay attention to details. In other to make cleaning interesting for them, choose the chores based on age, older kids can be more careful. You will be shooting yourself in the foot if you assign chores beyond their capability.

It is better to have your children start from the less complex task, then train them up to do more complex tasks. For instance, you can’t expect a 2-year-old kid to mop your floor clean, you will end up doing the mopping all over again!


  1. Show empathy and a lot of encouragement

Children like to take pride in what they do, so be kind enough to thank and encourage them, please don’t expect perfection, especially when they are doing the task for the first time.

Children can provoke you sometimes but don’t try to make cleaning or any other chores a punishment for an offence they had committed as they will get discouraged and you will never get a willing participant, they will do it grudgingly. The result of cleaning under the condition is not always desirable and this can piss you off too.


  1. Make Cleaning Fun

Well, we love cleaning, yet for kids, you can spice up the task with music and singing. A little bit of entertainment while doing the chores makes it fun, get the kids to sing along as they carry out the task you have assigned. By doing they will not get bored or tire out easily.

Be creative with your spice of entertainment bearing in mind the kind of task you have assigned, it not advisable to have your little one dancing on a slippery or wet floor, that is not safe! Safety first is the number one rule here. So you need to think about the safest way to make cleaning fun for the kids.


  1. Prize

You can seldom attach a prize to some house chores. Yes, it good to verbally appreciate your children for their efforts but giving them something to show for their efforts can be a motivation for the next cleaning task.

Even though most of the chores will be done by the little ones, we advise that you also have a schedule, so that you can also supervise what they are doing, teens may require less supervision.


Action point

When you ask your kids to do the house chore, you are simply saying you trust them to do the house chore; once they can understand that you trust them, your children have more confidence they will feel more motivated to complete the weekly chores and be more independent, they will probably start suggesting new tasks they can take responsibility for like cleaning the furniture.

Remember you are developing an important skill in their lives, soon these little kids you see will leave for higher institutions where you will not be there to clean or look after them, but with this, you are teaching them how to look after themselves!

Need tips on how to clean your home? Or you need a professional cleaner to do a deep cleaning of your home? Call us today on 08036208815 or send us an email at service@kleenriteltd.com



6 Home Cleaning Hacks for a Germ-Free Home

A dirty, cluttered home is a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, dirt, insects, and rodents. These can cause both long and short term health issues for you and your family. For the well-being of those you care about most, it’s important to keep your house clean and healthy, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning service.

6 Home Cleaning Hacks for a Germ-Free Home

Today we are going to share six simple things you can do to ensure you keep germs, dirt, and pest out of your home

1. Start Your Day by Laying Your Bed

This might appear to be a pointless task, yet having your bed laid assists with keeping your sheets liberated from the residues or specks of dust that buoys through the air the entire day. It additionally has a colossal effect on the general appearance of your bedroom. Having a clean and well-arranged room can help make you have a better sleep.

Peradventure you like having breakfast or snack in bed, food crumbs can be on your bed sheet, which attracts crawling insects like ants and cockroaches. But by laying your bed, you are dusting away those that would have attracted insects to your room.


2. Floor care

This is the most important area of home cleaning, this is where every cleaning services are accessed. Its poses are a major safety hazard when not properly cleaned. Many home accidents have been caused by tripping over a wet floor and other objects.

Dirt on the floor not only makes the entire room look messed up. If you happen to have a family consisting of little children or aged, they may have difficulty walking, they will be prone to injuries this is particularly important in preventing trip and fall injuries.

3. Empty Trash from your Home Every Night

Your trash bin should be outside your home, most residential apartments have their waste bin at their main gate. Keeping trash in your home overnight is like a ‘VIP ticket’ for germs and other crawling pests to come cohabitate.

You don’t need anyone to tell you that air in homes that keep wastes overnight will not smell fresh. It is also the most common cause of smells that can take over a room in a few hours, even the air fresher can disappoint if you keep heaping your waste bin.

Taking your trash out every night will ensure you a breath of fresh air every morning.


4. Wash Dishes Every Night

Make it a habit for washing dishes every night. Like we have suggested disposing of the trash, washing dishes keep insects and rodents away from the kitchen, and reduces the chance of unpleasant odour.

If you are blessed to have a dishwasher, run the cycle before you go to bed and allow the dishes to dry overnight before rearranging them in the rack.

If you wash by hand, allow the wash dishes to dry completely before putting them in the dish rack. Putting hand-washed dishes away in the morning keeps them free of dust and other airborne germs throughout the day.


5. Clean up

Having dirt creates areas for germs to breed and critters to hide. Going through the things you have accumulated each month and disposing of things you have not used helps to keep your home clean and organized.

Plan a day of the month to deep clean your home, thrash all the waste properly; separate the recyclable waste from the non-biodegradable ones.

This way you are not only keeping the germs away but making the climate a lot safer for everyone. If you are too busy with other things, request the service of a professional cleaner.


6. Set up an Everyday Cleaning Timetable

To ensure you keep up on the level of cleaning expected to ensure your house is a healthy place to live, a day by day cleaning timetable can be a smart thought. For instance, you can schedule days you are likely to spend more hours moping of the floor and find other days for glass cleaning and dusting.

The most important aspect of a cleaning schedule is being disciplined enough to keep them, make sure your schedule works well for you!


Action point

If you want to keep your home clean year-round, A Kleenrite is an award-winning cleaning company with over 30 years of experience serving businesses and homes in Nigeria. Read our testimonial, then call us for a cleaning assessment of your home today.

Let us help you keep your home healthy every day with regular cleanings or deep cleaning services, so you can focus on the tasks and relationships that are most important to you

5 Reasons to Engage a Professional for Your Commercial Building Cleaning Services

Building maintenance remains critical to the longevity of a structure. While many of us get excited at the completion of a building, and truly this is what we pray for so that you can call Kleenrite for your post construction cleaning. But we easily forget that the only way to keep a structure (interior and exterior) looking new is by maintaining a good cleaning practice.

Consistent cleaning practice can be daunting, but in this article we have 5 ways to go about property maintenance such that the property would last longer and you wouldn’t have to worry about the next cleaning day.

If you are a Property Manager or Building Owner, you understand there is a number of factors attracting and keeping the right type of tenants. One of these factors is property maintenance and care. If done well it is a huge benefit and vice versa.

5 Reasons to Engage a Professional for Your Commercial Building Cleaning Services

Whether or not you have considered engaging a cleaning company for your residential or commercial building cleaning services in the past, here are five reasons why you should outsource it now.


  1. Resource Efficiency

When you hire a professional cleaning company like Kleenrite, they will firstly do cleaning evaluation of your premises and identify your specific cleaning need, you don’t need to buy all the cleaning equipment that comes to mind.

That way only the identified equipment will be purchased. Kleenrite then becomes responsible for everything from managing cleaning supplies and equipment to daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even annual tasks.

For example, walkways, entrance floors may need to be cleaned several times in the day. The same goes for staircases and railings. A professional cleaning company like Kleenrite ensure you will pay for what you need and the work will be done to your satisfaction.


  1. Provides Experienced Hands

When a professional cleaning company like Kleenrite is engaged, they take on the responsibility of managing their staff, they pay their workers salary and every other benefits that comes with working with them.

This takes a huge burden and liability off your company, while also providing the specialized skill needed to get the job done well.


  1. Creates Happier Workplace

The environment and culture of your property sets a standard of expectation that communicates to staffs and prospective customers that you care and vice versa. It’s one of the ways standard are measured.

No prospective customer will enjoy coming for a business meeting in a dirty and all smelling workplace. The air must be clean and should smell nice, your furniture should be clean enough to prevent cloth stains.

By hiring a professional cleaning company it simply goes to show that you have high standards and are willing to invest resources towards excellence. Little wonder cleaning services have become a mainstay in private establishments.


  1. Saves You Money

You can reduced the overhead cost of your domestic staff by a considerable measure, because by outsourcing you are cutting off, feeding, housing and transportation allowance. Rather than managing another employee, including the costs of onboarding, training, and benefits; companies can hire an efficient crew that have been well trained to meet industrial cleaning needs.


  1. Improves Hygiene

Overflowing trash is not only unsanitary, it can create odors and attract pests. Dirty floors may be unattractive, but can also create dangerous slip or trip hazards. When janitorial needs are met, you reduce the chance of injury, as well as displeasure, due to unsafe or unclean living spaces and common areas.


Action point

Kleenrite Cleaning Services an award-winning commercial cleaning company with over 30 years’ experience in cleaning services. Call us today for a free cleaning assessment of office. Let’s help make your premises look clean and welcoming for your customers and employees.

4 Workplace Problems Cleaning Can help you solve  

The factors of production is not complete the labor force. You need people regardless of your scale of business. In a bit to reduce production time and reduce human error, some production processes have been automated thanks to the advancement in technology.

However, the labour part is still hard to do away with because you need someone to operate these special machines. Employees are critical to the success of any business, if you recruit wrongly, your company’s objectives may not be met. This is the reason most businesses now have a Human Resource Department to ensure that they employ the best candidates for vacant offices. For businesses who are unable to create HR office, they outsource vacancies to reputable other HR companies.

4 Workplace Problems Cleaning Can help you solve  

Here are 4 ways to use a cleaning company to create a happy, healthy team.


  1. Improve Motivation and Commitment

Staff who work in a clean office feel that they are cared for more than those who report to a dirty or unsafe workspace. Overflowing trash, unsanitary bathrooms, and even disorganization of supplies gives the impression that staff (and customers) aren’t important enough to have a clean workspace.

For instance, employees who have a health insurance package are more likely to be more committed to work compared to those who do not have. They tend to see the success and progress of the company they work for with more seriousness.


  1. Improve Staff Loyalty

When the standard is set for a high level of cleanliness, employees are most like to follow suit and show pride for their work place.

More common is staffs taking photo-selfies and posting them on their social media pages whether for promotional purposes or for personal use – this wouldn’t be possible if their workplace isn’t not looking clean.

It helps to create a cleaning culture among staff, no staff will like to see his or her desk and floors littered with paper and food crumbs, because ants and rodent get attracted to food crumbs, and we all know what menace rodents can be in the workplace.

Truly, your employees may not begin cleaning the bathrooms, but they are more likely to pick up dirts on the floor or return office stationaries to the appropriate place of storage after us.

At Kleenrite, we reinforced the essence of this culture among the employees of the site where our services are required.


  1. Reduce Sick Leave

Employees are like component of a machine, if one part is missing it is impossible for a the machine to function at full capacity, depending on who is missing at work, some processes don’t even work because their skill and expertise is most critical in the production processes.

Having a clean environment to work and live in will reduce the cross contamination, which effectively reduces the spread of disease among employee. You will recall that washing of hands and the use of hand sanitizers were part of the precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus. Good cleaning practice improves the quality of air.


  1. Help you focus on Core Job function

It will be hard to get the best from your staff if you include cleaning to their job function. Imagine having your secretary to mob the floor every morning, they will look all stressed out even before they start the days job. This is not a healthy practice and it should be discouraged.

Without the proper equipment, training, or cleaning supplies, employees could create a dangerous situation for themselves or others. The best option is for company to employ or assign the job to someone who have some kind of experience in cleaning, it could be outsourced or assigned to someone in-house.


Action point

Kleenrite Cleaning Services is an award-winning commercial cleaning company with over 30 years’ experience in cleaning services. Call us today for a free cleaning assessment of your office. Let’s help you get the best for your business.

7 Spots you are forgetting to Clean

Dirts build up due to different factors, but we all know that cleaning is a necessity if we want to live and work in a health environment. When you walk into a room, it’s usually easy to see what needs to be cleaned up. There’s a pile of dirty laundry just waiting to be done; or the kitchen sink is piled with dirty dishes, pots, and pans.

But once the obvious things are cleaned away, do you forget about the rest of the room? Take a look at seven places you’re forgetting to clean during your cleaning routine.

7 Spots you are forgetting to Clean

In this article, we are distinguishing some piece of the house you frequently give up while doing your standard home cleaning task.


  1. Under of Furniture

At the point when you look under a bed or couch there are dust and residues moving around that can be immediately caught with a vacuum or residue mop. Yet, did you set aside the effort to take a gander at the real lower part of the furniture piece? You might be stunned at what you discover dust clinging between the bed frames, chairs/couch and table supports.

Utilize your vacuum and a duster to remove of cobwebs residue and grime in any at least twice each year.


  1. Walls and Baseboards

Residue and grime can stick to vertical surfaces just as level ones. If you want to know how dirty the walls are, simply open the window curtains or blinds and turn on all the lights and you will be surprised  at how discolored your walls are. This applies to walls with wallpapers you will find significant dust residues hiding.

To clean the walls, start at the highest point of the wall and work down while using a duster that traps particles. Clean continuously until the stray marks are no longer visible to the eyes from different angles. Also take a good look at the light switches and door handles because it’s often the last part we clean so that you will not be soiling the mentioned spot all over again.

Finish the wall cleaning by focusing on baseboards. We have realized that a good measure of residue can gather on those minuscule edges. In rooms like kitchens and showers where there is greater moistness, you’ll presumably have to wipe the baseboards down with a moistened towel because the dampness in the kitchen and showers would have turned the residue into soil that sticks to the surface.


  1. Tops of Cabinets, Doors, and Picture Frames

At the point when you’re cleaning, take a good look upward, especially places that are beyond your reach. You may see more dust than you will like. When things are beyond our sight we tend not to keep them in mind. Regularly clean the top of doors and picture frames, kitchen cabinet and ceiling edges

While doing these, check the light fittings and ceiling fans. For this task, duster fixed to an extendable handle is the most suitable for removing cobwebs and dirts. Otherwise, utilize a clean microfiber material and secure it to a brush or mop handle with an elastic band.


  1. Air Filters and Vents

In the event that your home has heaters or air conditioners, there are openings on the ventilation system that dispenses hot or cold air to the home. After a while these filters become clogged with dust which in turn affects the quality of air, and reduces the life span of the ventilation system itself.

While you’re changing the air filters, be sure to clean the vent grinds also. You’ll breath-in cleaner air and have less dust in the house.


  1. Closet Floors

This is most obvious when a wardrobe/closet is being cleared out. The garments are packed together, the racks are heaped high and things fall on you when you open the entryway.

Yet, when was the last time you cleaned the genuine storage room including the floor? Storeroom floors–particularly in the event that they are covered can get dusty and grimy from the external soil got by shoes. The floor covering can turn into a favorable place for form and mold and creepy crawlies like rug scarabs that then chow down on your number one garments.

At any rate occasionally, haul everything out of storage rooms and give the space an intensive cleaning. It’s additionally the ideal chance to remove and give all those things you don’t actually require and store the rest appropriately.


  1. Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning Tools

When you leave your cleaning tools uncleansed after use, you will end up spreading the dirts that had already be cleaned again. All used cleaning tools are going to be leave behind dirts except if wash, you cannot get anything cleaned without getting something else, in this case, your cleaning tools gets dirty for you to have spots cleaned.

A quick question for you – When was the last time thoroughly clean your vacuum, mop or scouring brushes?

For vacuum cleaners upon trashing disposable bags, the debris cup should be washed in hot and soapy water once in a month. Check the turning bars and brushes and eliminate any tangled strings or hair.

All mop heads and scouring brushes should be cleaned with boiling water and a disinfectant cleaner after each use. With will improve cleaning result with cleaner tools.


  1. Indoor Plants

Regardless of whether your indoor plants are live or artificial, they can amass an astonishing measure of dust. Most live plants cleaned while watering them. A moistened microfiber mater is then used to wipe down each leaf.

Artificial plants can likewise be “tidied” with a material or by taking them outside and utilizing a hairdryer set on chill to blow the residue. To light up individual stems of silk greenery or blooms, place them in a paper sack with a lot of table salt or baking soda.

Give the plant a decent shake and a significant part of the dirt will stay in the salt or baking soda. Wrap up by cleaning off any buildup with a cool hairdryer prior to placing it back inside.

Action point

As highlighted in this article, we hope this will help you have a cleaner looking house or office, at Kleenrite, we believe it’s not cleaned unless its spotless, little wonder our client say we ‘clean above others’. Contact us today for your home and office deep cleaning services.

Home Cleaning: 5 Ways to Clean Glass Like a Professional Cleaner

Windows can be made of different materials, some wooden, steel, zinc and glass. The advancement in buildings aesthetics in recent time have endeared many developers and property owners to choose the glass windows and doors over the other options.

Glass doors are common in places like worship centres, business centres, gym, hotels and restaurants; some of the doors are even automated! If you don’t have a glass window or doors we are sure you must have seen it being used around you!

Glasses can look messy if not properly taking care of and the beauty of the glass is best appreciated if it’s looking clean and without streaks.

There may be nothing as satisfying as perfectly-cleaned glass, but there’s also nothing as frustrating as actually doing the cleaning. Whether you’re scrubbing windows, mirrors, or a glass-topped table, none of it is as easy as it sounds. In this article, we have summarized the best 5 Tips for Cleaning Glass.

5 Cleaning Tips for Schools

After an eventful academic year 2020, schools are now looking forward to the Christmas and End of year break. Just like we are optimistic for a better 43year 2020, so are you!

We might not be able to say how tomorrow might be, but one thing is certain, we can plan for tomorrow. You can plan your cleaning!

5 Cleaning Tips for Schools

We have some 5 school cleaning tips you can adopt to make your school look like you were never gone on holidays. Or would you rather spend the first week 0f resumption cleaning the school?

  1. Create a checklist of cleaning activities

A checklist will only help to optimize all your tasks.  Draw up a list of areas to be cleaned and indicate its status whether it’s completed or not. It’s also helpful to create an inventory list of everything you have so that you can appropriately get needed materials.

  1. Clean on the go

It is important to clean the classroom before the school closes for the year. Stark up the desk and chairs such that a larger part of the floor is empty because, throughout the school year, layers of germs and bacteria build up on school floors and surfaces, so take advantage of the fact that the classrooms and halls are now empty, and use this time to perform a thorough deep cleaning.

  1. Take a picture

Pictures will help you know how things within the classrooms were before cleaning. It will help you see and remember what worked and what didn’t when it came to your classroom. It’s a way you can also assess the level of work done.

Professional cleaners also take the before and after pictures of area cleaned as part of their portfolio.

  1. Pack and label

When packing up the classroom at the end of the year, you must keep it organized, by packing a similar object in the same boxes or bags. But be sure to label them accordingly.

Let all stationary be packed in a different box, art object be kept together and label appropriately. Paste the ‘fragile’ sticker or tape on appropriate boxes. It will make it much easier to put the classroom together at the beginning of the next school year because you can work section by section until the room is completed.

  1. Restroom and classroom disinfection

Disinfection of all surfaces, no matter how big or small is crucial for the health and safety of students and employees. During rainy/ cold season6, schools are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, and disinfection can help reduce the number of sick people and absences.

Teachers should do regular disinfection of all surfaces in their classroom, especially doorknobs, desks, chairs, sponges, activity tools and toys, sinks, computer screens, keyboards, mice, and light switches.

Cleaning staff should disinfect bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas several times a day. Make sure each room in the school has a box of cleaning supplies at hand for everyday use or to handle any accidents.

With Covid-19 still affecting the school system, when students head to the wash hand basin, they often leave behind germs on the faucet knobs and sink itself. These areas should be sprayed with chemical treatments before using a wet vac or squeegee device to remove the soil.

Action point

School cleaning should be part of the student’s routine activities because it makes them conscious of their environment. Upon resumption of the school, they can easily put the classroom together again.

Children are venerable to infections, diseases are easily transmitted from one child to another. So the schools must continue to follow the Covid – 19 prevention and management guidelines. It is also important children are thought of the need to live and study in a clean environment.


Home cleaning: 8 ways to make your home looking new again

Home cleaning: 8 ways to make your home looking new again

Home cleaning may not be a phrase that excites you, but everyone loves their home looking clean.

Whether or not you enjoy cleaning, you don’t want to end the year with your home looking untidy or start the New Year with a pile of dirt at your doorstep.

Home cleaning: 8 ways to make your home looking new again 

We’ve got tips that could make the home look more valuable. Take a moment to read through our value-boosting cleaning tips