6 Cleaning Mistakes You Probably Don’t Realize You’re Making

Imagine looking at your calendar and you realised it’s another Friday only to see how disorganised and dirty looking your home looks like? Rather than anticipate a work-free weekend, you are there bothered about how you are going to give your home the clean and fresh look it deserves when you get back from work.

Most people wait till the end of the week to get down to the business of home cleaning, which is quite understandable, as this might be due to workload.

You know cleaning is not so big deal with us at Kleenrite, it’s a passion, and all we want for you always is a clean and healthy environment.

Even though we enjoy handling the cleaning of your homes and offices, we know you sometimes will like to do little cleaning yourself. While doing these ‘little cleaning’ we have noticed some mistakes our clients make while doing self-cleaning, possibly you also have been making the same mistakes.

Not to worry then, we are sharing with you 6 cleaning mistakes you are probably making; the 5th mistake is probably the most common.

Enjoy reading!

PEST CONTROL: 5 Practical Steps to Keep Pests Away From Offices and Homes

Of all the things you want to welcome guests or clients with, no one will want to welcome guests with crawling insects. That’s why homes and offices are places that need to be kept clean at all times. And there are some practical steps to keep pests away from offices and homes, but many are unaware of them.

It wouldn’t be good to see you chasing after cockroaches, rats, spiders, ant and mosquitoes when you sight your guests coming. It might look like a funny scene but it doesn’t put you well in the mind of your guests, it simply shows you are dirty and unhygienic!

The activities of Pest are not one that meets the eyes, to some, eradicating pest from the home or office is impossible, but we say it’s actually possible.

PEST CONTROL: 5 Practical Steps to Keep Pests Away From Offices and Homes

Our over 25 years’ experience in Home and Industrial cleaning have helped us master the art of pest control. In this article, we will share just 5 practical steps to keep pests away from offices and homes.


10 Common Professional Cleaning Tools And Their Specific Functions

How can we talk about cleaning without mentioning the professional cleaning tools needed to get the cleaning done. Ask someone to help you clean something, the response you will most likely get is: “what should I use in cleaning”?

If you have the professional cleaning tools required for cleaning, you should get the result you want. We mean a sparkling clean floor if it’s the floor you are cleaning or a clear screen surface if it’s a TV you are cleaning.

Depending on what you want to be cleaned, you need specific professional cleaning tools to get the best result. In this article we analyse some professional cleaning equipment and their uses.

Trust, this is going to be a good read for you, you will be surprised at what the No.7 tools can do.

5 Precautionary Measures for Safe Cleaning Experience

Why should you even bother about precautionary measures for safe cleaning? Because your life depends on it!

It is a general belief that health is wealth, while some people might want to argue this. We will eventually come to a point where we establish that it is nearly impossible to enjoy wealth when the organs of the human body aren’t functioning properly.

And cleanliness is one of the several factors that promote healthy living. However, cleaning is carried out in different ways, with every individual having a different motivation for maintaining a clean environment.

As you already know, at Kleenrite, we ensure that our clients have a clean environment to work and live, leaving you with germs free environment.

5 Things That Makes A Good Professional Cleaning Service Company

Cleaning services are one that cuts across everything we do daily, we wake up to clean our homes, wash the dishes, tidy up our rooms, clear our office desk and workspace.

In reality, everyone is a cleaner, just that not everyone is a professional cleaner. A career in cleaning might not be most glamorous of all, but it’s one of the most important jobs of all.

Take an instance of doing a post construction cleaning; this task will be difficult and time-consuming if you are to do it all by yourself.

What this means is that you will have to get a reputable cleaning service company to help you do the cleaning while you focus on other things. It is expected that the company you are contracting for your cleaning have all the tools needed for the effective cleaning.

At Kleenrite, we offer general cleaning, fumigation, waste management, janitorial services, pest control, and deployment of cleaners to corporate entities and homes.