Cleaning Guidelines for the Prevention of Coronavirus

The effects of COVID-19 is there for all to see, schools have been shut down, football and other sporting events have been cancelled, suspended and others events postponed.

At some point, a total lockdown was declared in Lagos State all in a bid to control the spread of Corona virus.

In curbing the spread of covid19, various medium of communication were used by the Federal Ministry of Health and National Centre Disease Control to share corona virus disease prevention and control measures.

Together with other frontline workers, Kleenrite offered cleaning services at isolation centres. Our cleaners were all geared for the task ahead; which is to make the isolation centres clean, hygienic and safe for everyone.

As a burdened cleaning company, our hearts is drawn to the urgent need to inform you of the safest ways to clean, especially now that we are faced with the harsh reality of coronavirus in Nigeria.

Areas in which a person with a confirmed COVID-19 infection has previously spent time need to be disinfected before resuming their use.

Cleaning Guidelines for the Prevention of Coronavirus

These cleaning guidelines can also be applied in general cleaning to prevent the spread of other communicable diseases and protect cleaning staff from infections.

Here are some guidelines for cleaning in all types of premises

  • Start cleaning from cleaner areas and proceed towards dirtier areas. All surfaces that are frequently touched, for example, the door handles, armrests, table tops, light switches, water taps, remote control) need to be cleaned thoroughly and frequently.
  • For places that are frequently touched surfaces, the cleaning should be done daily at least. If possible even more often e.g. between 2-4 hours especially during the pandemic.
  • Avoid reusing equipment used in disinfecting at other location with no case of the disease.
  • Use a mildly alkaline all-purpose detergent (disinfectant) for cleaning. The cleaning of sanitary facilities can be enhanced by using a disinfectant.
  • Wear gloves to protect the hands when cleaning surfaces. Use tight-fitting disposable gloves, for example, as all-purpose gloves, or chemical resistant gloves.
  • In hospitals and major particular, bins of bio- and mixed waste are coated with easily removable, leakproof bags in waste bins. Also, monitor waste bins and do not let them get more than three-quarters full.  Waste bins should be emptied daily, especially in public premises.
  • Carefully clean the equipment used in cleaning at the end of the cleaning process. Wash reusable cleaning cloths at a temperature of at least 90°C or disinfectant.
  • At shopping centre, handles of the cleaning cart and the floor cleaning equipment and the contact surfaces of the cleaner containers with the disinfecting multi-purpose cleaner.
  • After cleaning, the permanent gloves must both be carefully washed and dried. Disposable gloves are placed in mixed waste. Wash your hands up to your elbows with water and soap once the gloves are taken off.
  • For your office cleaning task, we always advice that clothes worn while cleaning is washed at the workplace or your employer must acquire appropriate laundry services.

In conclusion, the coronavirus pandemic is one that we need to come together to fight, because it’s affects the majority.

Just has the health authorities are working hard to curb the spread of the virus. It is in our best interest to take suggested precautions.

In this article we have been able to give you some of the safest cleaning guidelines. Whether this guideline would be help full or not, the bulk of the responsibility rest on you, start by taking action, create a cleaning culture, just like Kleenrite Limited.

Please clean safe, Stay safe.