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Pest Control

This involves a professional process of spraying select, non toxic solutions, fogging, laying of baits for controlling of both crawling and flying pests and parasites including roaches and rodents, termites, snakes etc.

Outsourcing Service

We understand that no matter what business you’re in, you’re in the business of people. So we train and supply competent staff for your organization such as office assistants, secretaries, receptionists, tea servers, etc.

Janitorial Services

We approach cleaning of rest rooms with a professional penchant that keeps the entire rest rooms including WCs, wash hand basins, urinals, bathtubs thoroughly and hygienically clean and ready for use at all times.

Commercial Cleaning

We carry out detailed cleaning from the floor to the ceiling of the building using appropriate solutions, machines and equipments. Furniture and all other interior decors including electronics, etc are all included.

Floor Care

Commercial buildings contain a variety of surfaces, which is why you need a cleaning service that specializes in floor care.
No matter the type of flooring, we’ve got you covered.


Our gardening activities covers lawn / flower keeping and maintenance and general gardening. Lawns are watered, shaped and mowed while flowers and ornamental trees are watered, pruned into lush and shapely appeal.