Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

We carry out detailed cleaning from the floor to the ceiling of the building using appropriate solutions, machines and equipments. Furniture and all other interior decors including electronics, etc are all included.

Cleaning Services

Your office building and its environs are part of your corporate image. They go a long way to show your target customers what kind of company you are and what to expect from you. To help you continuously preserve your corporate brand and keep your organization at its best, we provide the highest standards of commercial cleaning services in Lagos Nigeria backed by our operatives who understand your unique needs.

Let us help

Using the latest technologies and procedures, we help provide a clean, healthy environment for you and your employees that is done to your complete satisfaction. Simply put, we care about cleaning and it shows in our work, our people, our accountability to you, and our commitment to delivering on our word, every day.

Our cleaning services in Lagos Nigeria

  • INTERIOR CLEANING– Under interior cleaning, we carry out detailed cleaning from the roof to the ceiling of the affected property. Furniture and all other furnishing items including electronics, light casings and switches, computers, refrigerators are all cleaned and made spick and span using appropriate solutions, machines and equipment.
  • EXTERIOR CLEANING– Our scope under exterior cleaning covers drainage cleaning – flushing, cleaning and disinfecting-, free washing of terraces, exterior curtain walls, mosaic ties and other exterior fixtures and features on an around a property. We also de-grease and wash up generator areas and any such oil stained or sloughed areas.
  • TURN-AROUND CLEANING – This involves total and detailed cleaning of newly refurbished or hitherto vacant property, cleaning everything and bringing about fresh newness into the property.
  • RETAINERSHIP CLEANING SERVICES  – We train and deploy highly dedicated professional operatives for scheduled daily cleaning services at the premises of clients that required such.
  • BUILDERS CLEAN-UP – This involves stripping a newly completed building of all construction dirt, spots and stains thereby making it fresh, glistering and ready for occupation.