Home Cleaning: 5 Ways to Clean Glass Like a Professional Cleaner

Windows can be made of different materials, some wooden, steel, zinc and glass. The advancement in buildings aesthetics in recent time have endeared many developers and property owners to choose the glass windows and doors over the other options.

Glass doors are common in places like worship centres, business centres, gym, hotels and restaurants; some of the doors are even automated! If you don’t have a glass window or doors we are sure you must have seen it being used around you!

Glasses can look messy if not properly taking care of and the beauty of the glass is best appreciated if it’s looking clean and without streaks.

There may be nothing as satisfying as perfectly-cleaned glass, but there’s also nothing as frustrating as actually doing the cleaning. Whether you’re scrubbing windows, mirrors, or a glass-topped table, none of it is as easy as it sounds. In this article, we have summarized the best 5 Tips for Cleaning Glass.

  1. The glass must be cleaned with clean water

The water you use to clean glass matters, and you should be using clean water not murky water! The major reason why you have a dull glass after cleaning is unclean water.

Dirty water leaves behind deposits in it that get left behind on the glass, causing those cleaning streaks.

  1. Wipe with the right glass cleaning reagent

When you need to clean your glass, you will not get the best result when you cleaning without soap and water, there are special cleaning reagents designed specifically for glass cleaning they don’t leave or create streaks if used properly.

Usually, directions on how to use them are always written on its packaging material so, please read!

  1. Use a glass spray

Glass spray is what we call the magic spray, they are the spot removal. It contains ammonium hydroxide, which cuts through grime and grease even before you wipe it off.

There are several homemade glass spray you can make for yourself, a mixture of water and vinegar or a mixture of water and alcohol would take away the stains and spots before you scrub.

By doing this will not be dragging dirt across the face of the glass.

  1. Be fast at it

Glass cleaning is not a task you can sleep-on, you must be fast about it. The glass must be quickly dried to stop streaks, avoid the temptation of cleaning a large glass area at a time, the glass could be have been air dry before you do so leaving behind streaks.

Here, you need to do one at a time, clean, then dry immediately. Otherwise, just when you thought you are done with cleaning you see streaks all over the glass, it can be tiring!

  1. Maintain a cleaning pattern

There are several patterns used for cleaning, however, the one that has proved to be most effective in cleaning glass is the zigzag pattern.

The secret of a good glass cleaning is wiping and cleaning in a zigzag pattern, how does this work? You start at the top left of your glass and working your way down to the bottom right, zigging and zagging all the way.

Not only does cleaning your glass this way guarantee you won’t miss any spots, but it also helps you reduce any streaking!

Action point

Glass cleaning generally improves the quality of the fresh air you get in your home, it tends to brighten up space/room.

Every sane person would appreciate a streak-less and shinning glass when they see them, we hope that the 5 glass cleaning tips shared in the article will help you decide on how your glasses should be cleaned.

But why not give it a try! Share pictures of your glass before and after cleaning via social media by mentioning @kleenriteng on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while using the tips shared.