Home cleaning: 8 ways to make your home looking new again

Home cleaning: 8 ways to make your home looking new again

Home cleaning may not be a phrase that excites you, but everyone loves their home looking clean.

Whether or not you enjoy cleaning, you don’t want to end the year with your home looking untidy or start the New Year with a pile of dirt at your doorstep.

Home cleaning: 8 ways to make your home looking new again 

We’ve got tips that could make the home look more valuable. Take a moment to read through our value-boosting cleaning tips

  1. Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is different from the regular cleaning because it reaches the dip grime and dirt in your home. It is a thorough cleaning, here every hook and crannies are cleaned.

Let consider a deep cleaning exercise for a sitting room: Deep cleaning the sitting room means cleaning inside the shelves, ceiling, behind and underneath of chair, electronics, window frames and burglary proof, wall frames, cables, electric switches and sockets.

Deep cleaning of a 3 bedroom house can take a cleaning team 4-12 hours

  1. Tender the green spaces

Prune overgrown flowers. A neatly trimmed hedge, mowed lawn and colourful garden bed will boost your home’s street appeal immensely, as well as add value to your property.

  1. Get rid of junks

Don’t make your home a junkyard! Take time out to look around the house for things you rarely use, sell them off in scrap or dispose of them.

  1. Scrub and seal grout

Wall tiles are generally used in the kitchen and bathrooms. To get the tiles sparkling give your grout a good, detailed scrub to bring it back to its original whiteness, or regrout and reseal it entirely if it’s starting to discolour permanently or wear away.

  1. Invest in a professional house cleaning service

Outsourcing of home cleaning can be helpful if you are looking at deep cleaning, peradventure you don’t have the necessary cleaning equipment and know-how for this type of cleaning.

Kleenrite is equipped with industrial and home cleaning tools and the personnel to get your home looking newly renovated.

As noted earlier it takes an average 12 hours to deep clean a 3 bedroom flat, wouldn’t you rather take that period to rest and face other things while the cleaners get the job done?

  1. Freshen the air

Air fresheners help to get rid of bad odour, there are several sources of odour in the house, and areas, where water are mostly used, are more common with odour; e.g laundry area, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. The wardrobes too need an air freshener

You can have your air fresheners placed at strategic areas of the house so that the smell of freshness can be felt everywhere in the house.

  1. Fumigation

Fumigation help in pest control, they get rid of crawling insect and flies in the house. It can be tiring to beat yourself while trying to kill a mosquito. Fumigation of your compound particularly the hotspots for mosquitos and flies can save you a time with the doctor.

Germs and bacteria are the major cause of sickness in Nigeria today, so if we say fumigation can prevent disease in your home, would you not do it?

  1. Dusting spray and wood polish

The dusting spray help to reduce the effect of dust on glass and leather. Wood polish is effective in bringing out the true beauty of the wooden furniture. It also helps to remove leftover adhesive from stickers with you having to scratch the wood surface.

However, when choosing a wood polish, get one that is environment friendly. Interestingly, November December and January are months when Harmattan is experienced, and the season is characterized with dry air and dust, you might just want to have your cleaning service provider apply them on your glass and furniture.

Action point

Kleenrite has been providing professional cleaning services for more than 30 years and this cleaning service can just be the first step to having a truly memorable Christmas and New Year.

If you are interested in hiring a cleaning service for the holidays it is better to schedule us ahead of time. This is one of their busiest times of the year. Contact us today for a free cleaning assessment of your home.