5 Steps to Cleaning Tiles Floor like a Professional

5 Steps to Cleaning Tiles Floor Like a Professional

With this article, we are going to expose you to the secret of ceramic floor cleaning. There has been a paradigm shift in the way homes and offices are floored. Our floors now look brighter and easier to maintain, unlike what we used to have 15 – 20 years ago, where houses had the concrete floors.

With more than 70% of houses built in Lagos, Nigeria having their floors tiled, one can only look forward to more creative floor finishing’s.

5 Steps to Cleaning Tiles Floor Like a Professional

If you don’t live or work in an apartment with tiles flooring, this article will be helpful when you eventually get one, it’s a question of time! We are going to be considering five techniques for an effective tiled floor cleaning, trust you will be able to relate with some of the highlights.

  1. Sweep to loosen debris: The ceramic tiles and durable and has a glazed surface. To get the best result, sweep floors regularly to remove sand/dust, the dust makes them dull, what is most visible on tiles is dirt. But when if it swept or vacuumed you can retain that shiny look of your ceramic floor all-day.

At offices where Kleenrite is engaged, we can sweep the floors more than 5 times in some cases, depending on how busy the business premises, as long as there is dirt we clean!

  1. Get a floor mop:Upon sweeping, clean the tile with detergent and clean water using a cotton string mop rather than a sponge mop. Cotton string mops are best for cleaning tile because sponge mops tend to push dirty water into the grout lines, making them harder to clean (now you know why those grout lines have refused to get cleaned).

Make sure to change the water frequently (as it is our practice at Kleenrite), this will make your floor smell fresh and it makes the floor not to look dull when dry.

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  1. Remove the Tile Stains

When cleaning the tiles with a wet cotton string mop, watch out for stains. Tile stains can be caused by anything, but you need to, first of all, identify what kind of stain it is, so that you can apply the appropriate cleaning solution/technique, otherwise, you can lose the brightness on that patch of the tiles.

Peradventure you are having a hard time restoring the brightness of your tile surfaces, you can contact us, and we would access the stain and give useful tips to restoring your tile.

  1. Wipeout Soap Residue

Soap residues are known to cause tiles to look murky or hazy after cleaning. What this means is that you need to also ‘rinse’ to your floors with clean water – just like you can’t have a good laundry outcome when you don’t rinse your clothes before keeping them to dry.

You are not supposed to see traces of your mopping direction on the surface of your tiles, but if you leave the soap residue to remain you will definitely see those traces. As professionals, we wash and rinse mops before going on to clean to dry, otherwise, we won’t be able to fulfill our promise to you – to make you clean above others.

The last of the 5 steps to tiles cleaning is:

  1. Dry the Tiles:

Drying of the glazed tiles prevent water from settling, if allowed to settle it will form water spots, this is what happens when there is a water spill on the floor and it is not dried with a cleaning mop or cloth. Avoid leaving the air to dry it up, get it dried yourself!

Take action

The mentioned steps are not difficult, are they? When next you are cleaning your tile floor, follow this step and let us know how the experience was.

Thank you for reading through, we hope it was worth reading. Contact us today for all your cleaning services; you will be glad you did!