5 Types of Mops Ideal for Home and Office Cleaning

5 Types of Mops Ideal for Home and Office Cleaning

Have you ever had a reason to visit a market or store and on getting there you got confused about what to buy? Perhaps, on getting to a store you realised you don’t have enough money to get what you want? There are times when we buy things thinking it’s something we need only to discover you don’t need them or you have overpaid for a particular product.

Our reactions to the aforementioned scenarios may vary from one person to the other, but if we are to take a sample, majority of us will not be happy overpaying for something or buy things they don’t need.

We are a cleaning company and we help you with tips and articles on how to stay neat every time. So this article is a guide to getting the right equipment for your cleaning activities. We would consider one of the commonly used cleaning tools – the mop.

The Mop is a cleaning tool that consists of a bundle of thick loose strings or a sponge attached to a handle used for wiping floors or other surfaces. This tool is easy to use and you don’t need to read a long line of text containing the ‘how to use’ before you can use them effectively.

5 Types of Mops Ideal for Home and Office Cleaning

There are more than 5 kinds of mops in the Nigerian market, all with different uses and purposes. So before you go shopping for your mops, you should read about these types of mop and their uses. This will help you avoid buying what you don’t need.

  1. The Flat Mops

Flat Mops are common with houses and offices with the sleek and shining floors. They have a typical flat head and are easily detachable. These kinds of mops have reusable pads which can be removed and washed for future use.

The flat mops are the most effective mop for cleaning dusty floors and are usually used without water or a cleaning reagent. They are easy to use and require very little effort to use. However this mop is not the most ideal for cleaning or scrubbing stuck-on food particles – you will need to have the floor pre-treated with some cleaning agent.

It is also important to note that flat mops are good for cleaning corners for obvious reasons. They are flat and are rectangular, the flat mops also vary in sizes, so there is a size that fits every home and office.

  1. The Sponge Mops

Sponge mops are soft, light and porously absorbent. Unlike the flat mops, they are attached to a wringer; (the wringer is a device such as a mangle for wringing water from wet clothes, mops, or other objects.)

Sponge mops also have detachable heads that allow for easier washing and replacement when necessary. Sponge mops are great for cleaning tile and other unsmooth surfaces.

If you are going for the sponge mops, you need to properly maintain and care for them to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Do well to rinse the mop completely when you finish the floors, then place it upright in an area where it can completely dry before reusing.

A wet mop will breed bacteria; you will recall we shared some insight on hotspots for germs in the office in the previous article.

  1. Dust Mops

Dust mops are from a variety of materials including, wool, microfiber, and synthetics. It can be used to clean floors, walls, ceilings, and light fixtures. Usually, these types of mops have a long handle, allowing you to reach corners, cobwebs and dusty ceiling fittings.

Just like the flat mops, they are ideal for dry cleaning because they aren’t usually meant to be a wet cleaning tool. The mop heads are also disposable or reusable; make sure to wash and dry reusable dust mop heads separate from the other laundry.

Unwashed mops are an active breeding ground for bacteria, be sure it’s properly washed before leaving it to dry. Don’t be tempted to re-use the dust mop when it’s not dry. It’s meant to be used when it is dry and not wet!

  1. The Cotton String Mops

The cotton string mops are the most common type of mops around. This mop is preferred by many because of their absorbency and ease of scrubbing on hard surfaces.

The string mops are the most affordable of all the mops you will find around. You will need to get this type of mop wet if want the best cleaning experience. This mop is also detachable but requires a more painstaking effort while washing.

This mop tends to fall apart more quickly because of consistent shrinking to drain. It doesn’t also get dry on time due to the cotton sizes.

  1. The Steam Mops

The steam mops are automated; they are electrical appliances with refillable tanks for water. You will normally not find the steam mops in the Nigerian open market but you will find them on E-commerce platforms.

Just like the name, it uses the heated water as opposed to the normal water. The appliance heats the water which turns it to steam and is released by a trigger. The steam sprays through a reusable mopping pad onto the floor. Steam mops are fantastic because they clean and disinfect.

They are, however, more expensive than traditional mops and may not be the best choice for some floor types. You will most likely find this with cleaning companies who do more of industrial cleaning.

Action Point

There has a been a modern approach to the way houses and office structures are built, different types of tiles are used these days for floors – a trend that is not stopping anytime soon. This innovation has made the mop a compulsory cleaning tool for houses or offices where tiles are used.

We have just shared 5 different types of mops, trust this article will serve as useful information to take when shopping for mops. Please send us feedback using the comment box below; your feedbacks have been helpful.

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