Do-It-Yourself Home Cleaning Checklist Part 1

Home cleaning checklist

When you hire Kleenrite Cleaning Services, bear in mind that you are hiring professionals. One of the advantages we have above others is how thorough we are at ensuring that every nook and crannies of your home and office are properly cleaned.

We take pride in helping our client get basic cleaning tips; after all, it’s good to share! Let’s share the basic home cleaning checklist. This list is for those who want to take the liberty to do some home cleaning. You are about to learn how to clean your home like a professional cleaner.

The check list below is designed to help you get the best for your homes in terms of cleaning because we want you to get the feel of a thorough but convenient cleaning experience. We have divided the cleaning checklist to three (3). Let’s start with the Kitchen cleaning checklist.

DIY Cleaning Checklist: Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  1. Wipe down tops and Kitchen Cabinet/Wardrobe tops

For effective cleaning, start wiping down the tops from your immediate right if you are a right-hander, and vice versa if you are a left-hander. This will allow for a uniform motion across the tops. You will not have to clean an already cleaned spot multiple times. This cleaning strategy will save you time, you will more or less get that bright looking top at the first go!

  1. Clean the face of Kitchen gadget/appliance

Your typical kitchen appliances are your toasting machine, microwave oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and maybe the washing machine. We have noticed some families prefer to have their washing machine in the kitchen.

After cleaning the tops (these also include the tops of all the appliances listed above) move on to cleaning the faces of the appliances, also in a regular motion. If you are going in the anticlockwise movement, make sure you are consistent all through your cleaning. Otherwise one would have to spend more time cleaning because the stains wouldn’t have been wiped as much as you would have loved. Essentially, choose a movement that is most convenient for you!

  1. Wipe down the stove/gas top

Now that you have cleaned the surface of the appliances, move on to wiping down dirt on the stovetops and drip pans. You might need to soak the drip pan if you have some ‘hard-to-remove’ food crumbs.

Your burner grate would require some soaking too, get them soaked in your zinc and have them washed. Oil and grease are usually the common dirt you will have to deal with here, so make sure you are using soap while washing.

  1. Clean the Sink (Inside and Around)

Your sink is where most of your kitchen cleaning will be done. So after doing the No. 1- No. 3 task on our checklist, move on to cleaning your sink!

To get the best sink cleaning, remove and clean any dirty dishes and leftover food from your sink. Wash down the entire surface area of your sink with soap and water. Create a blend of baking soda and lemon juice for the drain and polish with a smaller portion to polish the sink, to make it sparkling clean.

The sink is a major area for germ and bacteria build-up. Reports have shown that bacteria which are the major cause of illnesses, so you must keep it dry at all times, if it’s going to be moist, mostly due to the consistent washing, make sure it is well cleaned. Even flies will say goodbye to your kitchen with this step.

  1. Sweep and Mop the Kitchen Floor

Having done all that has been listed, the last task on our checklist is the sweeping and mopping of the floor. These should be the last on your checklist for your kitchen cleaning. Before mopping the floor, sweep or vacuum to remove debris that must have fallen on the kitchen floor as a result of the dusting and swiping of the tops.

Mopping your kitchen floor will not only sanitize your floor but also make it look at its best. Dust will also be reduced in your kitchen if you mop the floor often.


Don’t you worry if these checklists still look like a tedious process, that’s why we are here – to make you clean above others. Your kitchen is a part of your house, and the most important room at that!

For your professional cleaning, contact Kleenrite. We have been making homes look their best in terms of cleaning for more than 30 years.

The next article will be on the second checklist for cleaning, which will be for the Bedrooms and Living room. Your home cleaning duties will be more seamless at the completion of this series of home cleaning checklist.

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