Do-It-Yourself Home Cleaning Checklist Part 2

Home cleaning checklist

This is the concluding part of the DIY home cleaning checklist, the first part of the checklist focused on kitchen cleaning. The kitchen is a special room in the house and requires special attention because it’s where the food we eat is made.

Please take a moment to read through before reading this part if you haven’t read it before.

This checklist is designed to help you have less stressful cleaning experience, feel free to share your thoughts at the end of this post.


There are several rooms in the home; having discussed kitchen cleaning checklist in the last article, we are going to talk about the other rooms in the house.


This is the first act for room cleaning. It is important that your living room and bedrooms should have some empty spaces; these spaces become more useful when you are doing your cleaning.

You will need to reposition your furniture’s and decongest the corners of the rooms to allow for a proper vacuum cleaning. Sweeping and mopping of the floor are easier when you reposition the furniture. Repositioning also allows you to thoroughly clean floor areas that are hitherto covered by furniture.

This routine can be daunting, but it’s a good way to give your home that sparkling look you desire. The Kleenrite team of professionals are always available to offer these cleaning solutions, while you focus on doing other productive things.


There are two to three things you can remove from the ceiling, first is the cobwebs which can be done with the use of a long sponge brush. The second is the ceiling fan and ceiling fittings.

All these must be done before the floor is swept and mobbed so you won’t have to sweep all over again.


Upon cleaning of the floor and vacuum, just before you rearrange or return the furniture its original position, do well to clean the closets and furniture itself with a duster. Use a moistened microfibre material to clean.

The next thing you should do is to return furniture to its original position; you are free to play around with the re-arrangement of your furniture, but make sure it’s looking better arrange than it was, otherwise just return to its original position!

You can also apply your wood polish after cleaning; however, it is best that you apply the dustproof/wood polish only when you are done with the entire cleaning.


The bathroom, like the kitchen, is another delicate room that requires attention (in term of cleaning). Asides its function/usage, it is also a breeding place for germs and bacteria if it’s not properly cleaned.

Remove rugs and wastebaskets from the bathroom, the shower and bathtubs should also be cleared to allow for proper cleaning, just like we did for the living room where you have to reposition the furniture.

Then apply your tile and grout cleaner. Do not forget also to clean the mirrors. Other toilets/bathroom equipment that requires cleaning are the curtain liners, shower racks, soap dishes/containers, and sinks.

Replace rugs, bath mat and wastebaskets (wash and disinfect before replacing).


Only use recommended cleaning reagents to clean your bathroom, some soap can make your tile look dull.

Don’t also use a furniture shiner in your bathroom in a bid to make it look sparkling. It could lead to an awkward fall which can cause irreparable damage to persons using the bathroom.

There are some cleaning solutions that can give you that sparkling look for your bathroom, contact a cleaning professional to recommend an effective and safe cleaning solution.


The task of cleaning the home can be enjoyable when you put some effort into the planning of the process; it makes every stage of cleaning less stressful, that’s why professionals in the cleaning industries have found it relatively easy to carry out all kinds of cleaning.

We have been able to help to highlight a practical checklist for a typical home cleaning service. We are a 100% cleaning brand and would welcome the opportunity to help you handle your home cleaning services in the most professional way.

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