EVERYDAY CLEANLINESS: How to Minimize Dust in Your Office

Offices are places where you work; a place where you make ends meet. How your office look is about what you put in it.

Depending on your kind of work, basic office furniture like tables and chairs can be found in office space – the more sophisticated jobs require more sophisticated office fittings. Gadgets like the computer, AC units, televisions, CCTV, printers, copiers are some of the things you will always find in offices owned by bigger organisations.

Having all these equipments puts you in a good light with your visitors/customers, but when you don’t give them the cleaning it requires the once shinning office environment will look dull. And some of the gadgets could even spoil on time if not well cleaned.

How to Minimize Dust in Your Office

This article aims to address the impact of dust in offices and its preventive measures, as we can tell for a fact that 70% of the specks of dirt we find in the offices are dust-related.

  1. Cover equipments when not in use

A covering cloth is a good companion for your office equipment. Dust is airborne, as long you have people coming into your offices daily, dust will find its way in your office.

The cloth covering is especially good when you know you will be out of the office for a while, say 2 days or more. This singular act will give you a number of benefits. This is probably the most important of all – your gadget will last longer and reduces the time you would have spent cleaning the dust.

  1. Clean screen/monitors after and before use

The computer screen is also a ‘dust deposit’. From time to time, the screen of the computer or phone gets attracted to the airborne dust.

When you allow the dust to build up, the dust will prevent you from seeing information displayed on the screen clearly and one could even misinterpret some of these words.

Dust and dirt don’t just find its way to the office; they are all brought about by the specks of dirt from the shoes and clothing. Should we then say we shouldn’t move around the office again? No!

In order to reduce dust on the screen to the barest minimum, do well to clean the monitor with a soft towel with a mild solution before and after use. This also applies to other parts of your computer.

What happens if you don’t do this?

Excessive dust in a computer can cause a variety of heat-related issues. Dust that collects on components, such as memory modules, insulates them, preventing the air from the computer’s fans from drawing the heat away.

  1. Get A Foot Mat At The Main Entrance

Foot mat helps to contain the majority of the dust on a particular spot. Part of the reason you find the foot mat at the office entrance is simply to make sure the specks of dirt from the footwear remain outside the office.

The goal here is to reduce dust in your office, and this is definitely one of the ways to go about it, particularly if we are to take into account the state of some of our roads.

Foot mat comes in a different form, some are suited for the raining season, and others are for the dry season. The waterproof foot mat is good for the rain; you don’t want people walking into your office with soiled shoes.

  1. Always Mop the Floor of the Offices

Dust mopping is a very important routine in a floor cleaning exercise. Sweeping the floor will not give you that sparkling clean look you are anticipating for your floor. The best way to keep the dust away from your floor is not to allow it to build up.

The dust mop is usually flat and always dry, not wet like the regular mop. Dust mop heads are usually fairly flat and are frequently removable so that they can be washed and used again.

Understandably, not very many people are used to using the dust mop, now that you know; it would be a bad idea if you get one for your office. A better option is to employ the services of a professional cleaner like Kleenrite.

At Kleenrite, we make sure your offices look new and fresh at all times. You won’t need to spend extra money on dust mob because we have all the equipments to deliver a quality cleaning service.

  1. Tie Waste Bags properly

Disposable bags are good for collecting office wastes, but it can become really messy if it’s not well handled. Disposable bags must be tied after the close of work or after cleaning have been done.

If waste bags are not tied, its content (sand) can litter the already cleaned floor if it was accidentally tipped over. Knowing how tiny and light the dust particles are, the air spreads the dust back to the room.

Prompt disposal of these waste bags is also necessary because rodents are good at sniffing the waste bag for possible food scrums to feed on. And trust these rodents won’t spare the bag, they will tear into pieces.

  1. Lining Waste Basket with Disposable Bags

Having a wastebasket at your office is a good way to prevent the littering of the office. But it’s not the best tool to have when you want to keep the dust away.

Lining your wastebasket with disposable bag simply eliminates the chances of the dust particles escaping from the spaces you have on the basket.

It saves you the stress of having to sweep away the tiny dust particles that could litter the floor as a result of tiny spaces on the waste bin.

Like we have mentioned earlier, dust is airborne, as long as you have air dust will always find its way into our offices.

What Should You Do?

We hope this article has enlightened you on the ways to minimise dust in the office. 6 strategic steps have been suggested as possible ways to reduce dust in the offices. It’s now on you to put them into practice.

We like to know which of the measure(s) you find more convenient and the also suggest more ways to go about having a dust-free environment. Use the comment box below to share your thoughts; we really like to hear from you.