PEST CONTROL: 5 Practical Steps to Keep Pests Away From Offices and Homes

PEST CONTROL: 5 Practical Steps to Keep Pests Away From Offices and Homes

Of all the things you want to welcome guests or clients with, no one will want to welcome guests with crawling insects. That’s why homes and offices are places that need to be kept clean at all times. And there are some practical steps to keep pests away from offices and homes, but many are unaware of them.

It wouldn’t be good to see you chasing after cockroaches, rats, spiders, ant and mosquitoes when you sight your guests coming. It might look like a funny scene but it doesn’t put you well in the mind of your guests, it simply shows you are dirty and unhygienic!

The activities of Pest are not one that meets the eyes, to some, eradicating pest from the home or office is impossible, but we say it’s actually possible.

PEST CONTROL: 5 Practical Steps to Keep Pests Away From Offices and Homes

Our over 25 years’ experience in Home and Industrial cleaning have helped us master the art of pest control. In this article, we will share just 5 practical steps to keep pests away from offices and homes.


  1. Dry up any Stagnant Water

Despite the awareness on how to prevent malaria, Nigeria still has the highest incidence of Malaria in West Africa.

It’s an open secret that stagnant water is the breeding ground for mosquito; recall that mosquitoes and their larvae are the cause of the Malaria disease.

In order to keep mosquitoes away, clear any pool of water around your home and offices. Make sure your water channels are clean as well; gutters must be clean and rid of any debris that might prevent the water from the kitchen, laundry or bathroom to flow.

All dishes and buckets should be properly drained before keeping them in the plate rack/basket.

  1. Avoid Keeping Overripe Fruits in The Open

Fruits and vegetable are perishable foods that can attract unwanted pests especially when they are overripe.

Ants, Spiders, Cockroaches, and Flies are easily attracted by overripe fruits, and if care is not taken they can ‘take over’ your home/office.

Refrigerating the overripe fruits wouldn’t be a bad idea, as one of the practical steps to keep pests away from offices and homes. Another alternative is to consume the ripe fruit as soon as possible and wash the utensils used in eating/dicing the fruits, as they could also attract insects.

  1. Regular Disposal of Waste

If you really want to get rid of insect, the surest way is the timely disposal of waste; the office, kitchen and domestic waste are the kind of waste we are talking about here. This is one of the easy steps to keep pests away from offices and homes.

When you delay in emptying the refuse bin, you will definitely come back to meet your trash all shattered by rats, mice and cockroaches. If you haven’t experienced this kind of disturbance, then you must have been disposing your refuse bin on time.

What clean-conscious homes do is to have their waste bin covered up so that any of the pest mentioned won’t gain access. Once they are able to gain access, it might cost you more to eventually get rid of them.

  1. Keep the Kitchen and Bathroom Clean

The other breeding ground for Pest is the kitchen and bathroom, partly due to the fact that it is where we carry out all kinds of washing. Simply keeping them clean and dry is part of the steps to keep pests away from offices and homes.

Activities in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom all require one to be thorough in cleaning. Modern toilets and bathroom all have sinks and if these areas are not kept dry, mold will start to grow. The habit of keeping left-over food in the sinks for hours and sometimes days only attracts these insects.

Dirty and damp atmospheres are the ideal breeding grounds for a pest problem, which is why keeping your counters, gas top, racks, and drawers wiped down and disinfected is exceptionally important.

To wrap up these set of tips to preventing unwanted Pest in the home and office. Let’s quickly touch on the use of disinfectant for cleaning:

  1. Wash with Disinfectant

Disinfectants are substances that are used for disinfection. For us at Kleenrite, we know a cleaning project is not complete unless a disinfectant is used alongside the regular cleaning agents we use for home and office cleaning.

Upon cleaning, one should apply a disinfectant to ensure a germ-free environment. Places like the toilet and bathroom must be disinfected. Several diseases causing organism have been known to breed in the toilet.

Action point

We hope these 5 practical steps to keep pests away from offices and homes will eventually become a habit and in turn, help you be more conscious about preventing insects from invading your office or home.

At Kleenrite, our personnel are professionally trained and equipped with the state of the art fumigating machines to get rid of mice, rats, spiders and cockroaches for good!

You don’t need to struggle with cleaning when you have us here ready to work with you. Our offices are open for a free consultation, you can call, 0803 795 7448 We look forwarding to hearing from you.

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